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Friday, December 23, 2011

StrongWomen Across America

For the past four months I have been working with StrongWomen Across America as part of a directed study at Tufts University. The StrongWomen Across America program is an evidence-based community exercise and nutrition program for midlife and older women. During the fall of 2011 the founder and director, Miriam Nelson, PhD, and the StrongWomen strength training program manager, Eleanor Heidkamp-Young, ACSM HFS, traveled from Kenai, Alaska to Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania visiting eight small towns to empower groups of women to make healthy changes for themselves and their communities.

I had the pleasure of helping out with the media, technology and communication aspects of the tour with the program coordinator, Allison Knott, RD. Allison and I spent many hours locked in an office editing photos, video and blog posts.

Check out our hard work and videos on the StrongWomen Across America blog and see what the StrongWomen Team and groups of women have to say.

Also, check out our podcast, an interview with Miriam and Eleanor about their 6,800 mile road trip, on Tufts University Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy Nutrition Talk Radio.


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